Swiss TV interview with Dr. Tian Yuan


On Wednesday afternoon, January 17, 2007, Barbara Luethi, Asiacorrespondent of the Swiss television station Swiss Televesion (nationaltelevision station), discussed the application of Swiss energy-saving buildingtechnology in China, and the successful practical results have had a greatimpact on the energy-saving construction industry in China. Interview with Dr.Tahara, the first architect and entrepreneur to introduce Swiss technology. Inthis interview, Dr. Tian Yuan objectively analyzed theshortcomings of current Chinese architecture, expressed concern about the hugeenergy consumption of existing buildings and new buildings, and deeply worriedabout the unhealthy and uncomfortable life brought by such buildings. With herforward-looking vision, multidisciplinary perspective and cutting-edge ideas,she has pointed out the direction for the future development of energy-savingconstruction industry and people in related industries

Through this interview, Dr. Tian Yuan not only has an authoritativevoice for the Swiss audience but also for the European audience to understandthe successful introduction and application of Swiss energy-saving building technology in China, but also has a very complete,objective and authoritative understanding of the situation of China'sconstruction industry.