GIGA Green | Materials Challenge The design team of KT won the championship


The design team of KT was invited to participate in the GIGAGreen | Material Challenge held at the Anglican Church of China Tonglinge Road,Xicheng District, Beijing on Saturday, August 22nd, and won the champion aftera fierce competition!

 The purpose of the GIGA Green MaterialsChallenge is to expose designers and architects to the best materials in theindustry, to try and experiment with materials, to deepen their knowledge ofthe market and their understanding of materials. The form of the competition ingroups gives this kind of hands-on operation a new connotation: teamwork,friendly competition. Through the one-day competition, the designers gainedhappiness while gaining material knowledge.

After a fierce battle, the winner wasawarded to the designers from KT , and the winner group each received an iWatch, the second and thirdplace were won by inkmason and Gensler respectively, and the prize was afashion bag provided by MRKT.